Michail Massage

Our philosophy:

6 words,
stars in our lives

1. Respect 2. Understanding 3. Willingness

4. Kindness 5. Positivity 6. Peace

20 years of experience

in the rehabilitation of neurological, orthopedic diseases and therapeutic massage

  • Respect to you
  • Understanding for your pain, the suffering caused by your problem and to your need for rest, immediate recovery, peace of mind, without stress, fatigue and thoughts
  • Willingness to perform our duty towards you, against pain, stress and fatigue and ally our 20 years of knowledge
  • Kindness και αμεσότητα στην εξυπηρέτηση σας σε όλους τους τομείς
  • Positivity and optimism, which originate from our space, which have been enriched with knowledge, love, passion and mood
  • Peace of soul and body performed with special techniques and treatments we provide, just for you


of Specialization

Orthopedic Injuries
Chronic Orthopedic Abnormalities

Child Physiotherapy
from Infants to 8 years old

Neurological Diseases
Neurological Injuries

Athletic Injuries
Athletic Rehabilitation

Total Rehabilitation
of Multi-injured

Athletic Neuromuscular





Therapeutic Massage


Treatments for people with disabilities

Alternative Therapies

Manual Therapy Mobilization


Result from the first treatment. Suggested number of physiotherapies 5.